The 2019 IAPBP Image Competition is now underway!

We are pleased to announce and launch the 2019 International Association of Professional Birth Photographers Image of the Year Competition. For the last eight years, IAPBP has recognized excellence in birth photography by hosting this competition for our members. We hope you will join us in sharing beautiful images of birth with friends, family, fans and ultimately, the world.

We have an amazing group of judges again this year. Judges will be selecting an overall 1st Place Winner and Best in Category. Our members will also be voting separately to award Members’ Choice Best Overall and Best in Category.

This year we will have five categories:

  • Labor
  • Delivery
  • Postpartum
  • Birth Details
  • Fresh 48

Each category can be entered as many times as you want, with a limit of five total entries. The entry fee for a single image will be $25 USD. A discount will be applied if you choose to submit multiple entries.

Entry Fees

  • One Image: $25 USD
  • Two Images: $40 USD
  • Three Images: $60 USD
  • Four Images: $80 USD
  • Five Images: $100 USD

Prize Amounts

  • Overall 1st Place Winner: $500 USD
  • Best in Category: $100 USD each

All images must have been captured in the 2018 calendar year. Entries must be submitted and received by Thursday, January 17, 2019 at 11:59:59 p.m. CST. Winners will be announced at the beginning of February once all votes have been received and tallied.

This competition is only open to members of IAPBP. If you are not yet a member and would like to enter the competition, please join IAPBP first by visiting our main website’s join page to learn more about the different packages we offer.

Please view our complete list of official rules, terms, and conditions for further details. If you have any questions regarding the competition or entry process please use our dedicated competition email address:


Remaining time to enter

Deadline Date : Thursday, January 17, 2019 at 11:59:59 PM CST


Caroline Bologna
Reporter - HuffPost
Caroline Bologna is a reporter at HuffPost, where she covers culture and parenting. A native of New Orleans, she graduated from Brown University and is currently based in New York. She is passionate about photography, world travel, and women's issues.
Dr. Emiliano Chavira
Improving Birth / Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist
Dr. Chavira places a high value on the emotional, spiritual, and ethical aspects of pregnancy, childbirth, and maternity care. He has a particular interest in natural childbirth, VBAC, vaginal birth for multiple gestations, and breech vaginal birth.
Its rare to find a Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist (high risk doctor) who believes and speaks to the normalcy of birth even when faced with the most complicated pregnancies and fetal issues.Dr. Chavira inspires and moves people. He can easily move from speaking to a large group of providers, to consumers and birth professionals. Beyond technical talks, he speaks to the ways we can improve care overall.Dr. Chavira has spoken publicly in lectures, grand rounds, community forums and panels, podcasts, and large conferences.
More Information
Rebecca Coursey
2018 IAPBP Winner / Photographer
Rebecca Coursey is an award winning birth and documentary photographer from Los Angeles. Her work covers the journey of birth, motherhood, and the labyrinth of family life.
She has been teaching a birth photography class with Summer Murdock's Illuminate Classes since 2016; and has taught and presented at various workshops and events such as The Family Narrative, Click Away | Amelia Island and Birthbound. Her published and commercial work includes both online articles with companies such as SayYes and HuffPost; as well, as in print magazines and spreads, including Midwifery Today, Kindred Magazine and Long Way Home. She won first place in 2018 in the Labor category for the IAPBP as well as was awarded their "Member's Choice."
More Information
Esther Edith
2018 IAPBP Winner / Photographer
Esther is an award-winning, internationally published birth Photographer. She seeks to capture authentic, meaningful connections for families to treasure. Esther is also certified as a birth Doula, and is passionate about supporting, and advocating for women in childbirth.
Esther grew up in India, and came to the United States for college, where she met and married her husband; they have three children, and live in Spokane, WA. You can find Esther’s work on, and she is also the founder of
More Information
Kourtnie Elizabeth
2017 IAPBP Winner / Photographer
Kourtnie is a Documentary Photographer who loves connecting generations together by real, raw, 100% unscripted moments through quality photographs, film, and albums.
Kourtnie’s approach to photography stems from her truths as a wife and a mother awakened by an unimaginable diagnosis. In that moment she knew it was the everyday moments that were the most important. Cody has been in remission since May 2014, but Kourtnie’s approach to photographing her clients is forever changed, putting her heart and soul into each session with the mindset of wanting you to connect and feel something with each image you see. Kourtnie focuses on Birth, Postpartum, Family and Business Stories. She is an international award winning birth photographer who has been published and featured worldwide. Kourtnie a wife, mother of two, and passionate teacher and mentor. In her free times she loves cuddling with her littles and being a whovian.
More Information
kedocumentary.comInstagram pageFacebook page
Cat Fancote
2018 IAPBP Winner / Photographer
Cat Fancote is a birth photographer from Perth, Western Australia. Cat has been photographing births for over 4 years and is a passionate advocate for women’s rights during childbirth.
Cat is co-founder of #TheBirthFemmes [an Instagram based platform focused on using the power of birth photography to inspire women to make informed birth choices], and facilitates birth photography workshops for local photographers and birth workers. Cat’s work is recognized internationally; receiving 2 honorable mentions in our 2017 competition and the members choice award in our 2018 competition.
More Information
Capturing Birth
Jaydene Freund
2017 IAPBP Winner / Photographer
Jaydene Freund is the photographer behind Cradled Creations Birth Photography, located in Vancouver (Fraser Valley), Canada. She began photographing births in 2009, and has since photographed and filmed over 150 birth stories.
She co-founded Canadian Birth Photographers organization in 2011 and has deeply enjoyed watching the birth photography industry grow in popularity across Canada and the world. Her work has been featured in print publications such as Midwifery Today, Vancouver Sun, Canadian Family, and was published in a 2015 book titled "For Love- 25 Heartwarming Celebrations of Humanity." After winning "Best Overall Image" from the IAPBP 2017 competition, she has chosen to focus on education, mentoring and speaking.
More Information
Natasha Hance
2017 IAPBP Winner / Photographer
Natasha is the founder of NHance Photography and later Birth Unscripted and has documented hundreds of births over the past 10 years as a birth photographer. She is also the proud mother of 5 children ranging in ages 8 to 18 and wife to her high school sweet heart for 19 years.
Her work has been both locally and internationally published in multiple magazines and on national tv and she contributes to photography magazines/blogs on the subject of birth photography from time to time. She also teaches one of the first in person birth photography workshops (birth stories 101) and has taught at The Baby Summit conference. Natasha has been dedicated to bringing the birth photography community closer together and helping others along their journey and she is excited to be invited to judge this years birth photography competition.
More Information
Nichole Hanna
2015 IAPBP Winner / Photographer
Nichole Hanna is a South Central Kansas based birth and family photographer. She is the 1st place winner of the 2015 IAPBP Image competition. Her love for art, photography and all things birth, made it an easy decision to jump head first into birth photography, where she quickly found her passion.
Facebook page
Lena Hyde
Design Aglow
For the last 16 years, Lena Hyde has been transforming the way her clients view photography through her stunning philosophy of life as art, and by creating memories of childhood that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Lena is the creator of both Design Aglow , the highly acclaimed and awarded design and business success resource for portrait and wedding photography studios since 2006. Lena recently authored two best selling photography books, released to an international audience of professional photographers by Random House.

More Information
Twyla Jones
I'm a photographer drawn to the dramatic and emotive ways in which we connect with each other and our surroundings. A session with me is wholly focused on taking the time to slow down and really appreciate long embraces, the art of discovery, subtleties of affection, and making time to say the words we don't always stop to say.
It is my desire to create photographs that do more than serve as proof that you existed, I want to show that you lived passionately and loved madly.I'm also an educator. I enjoy sharing the way I see beauty with other photographers. One of my greatest joys is helping others find the confidence they need to create meaningful, authentic artwork for both themselves and their clients.
More Information
twylajones.comFacebook pageInstagram page
Jane McCrae
2015 IAPBP Winner/ Photographer/ Midwife
Jane McCrae lives on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia. When witnessing her first births as a student Midwife, over 15 years ago, she thought to herself, this would make incredible photography.
After the home birth of her second child, in an age where professional birth photography was rarely heard of, Jane decided to forge a creative spot for herself, combining her two passions, that of photography and birth. Together with her incredible clients and her self taught photography skills she is breaking the stereotypical mold and proclaiming that birth is beautiful, a journey to be embraced and enjoyed. Having won many awards both nationally and internationally for her work (including 2nd place IAPBP 2015 and the Australian College of Midwives Birth Image of the Year in 2017), as well as being interviewed and published in numerous books and magazines, she has touched families worldwide with her raw and moving works of art, inspiring them to see birth in a different light. To see some of Jane’s work go to
More Information
Jen McLellan
Founder - Plus Size Birth
Jen McLellan is a published author, speaker, and founder of Plus Size Birth, the premier resource for all things plus size pregnancy. With over 4 million page views, she is passionate about plus size pregnancy, sharing tips on embracing your body, and navigating the bumps along the road of motherhood.
Via her Plus Mommy podcast and social media outlets, she seeks to create an environment of acceptance and end the stigma surrounding plus size pregnancy with education, support, and a sense of humor. She’s also a certified childbirth educator, wife, and mother to a charismatic 8-year-old.
More Information
plussizebirth.complusmommy.comFacebook pageInstagram pageTwitter page
Leilani Rogers
2014 IAPBP Winner / Photographer
Behind every beautiful birth image is a story, the story of mama and baby, but also me. Every story I capture starts with me leaving in the middle of family dinner, or holiday, or kids performance, or 2am at night.
I throw on some clothes, grab something to eat, drive (sometimes bleary-eyed) to the place of birth, and get my head in the game. Whatever was happening before is gone from my mind. It wasn't just me that signed up for this, but my husband, my 4 children. This isn't a job, this is a lifestyle. I couldn't do this without their support and understanding. I have to switch gears from mom/wife/chaffeur. The story continues with me walking into the birth space and taking everything in. Reading the room. Like a game of double dutch, I jump in only when the moment is right. I observe mom. I carefully choose my frames. I play them out in my mind before, during and after so that I can be sure I am telling the story with precision and grace. You can't have an "off" day in this gig. There's no second chance to capture a once-in-a-lifetime moment. So, come what may - be it lousy lighting, cramped spaces, unwelcoming staff, temperamental equipment, you better be ready for anything. Then, after baby is born, a new story begins. 1 becomes 2 or 2 becomes 3 and I watch again as life makes way for this new little addition who has to adjust to bright lights, cold air and loud voices. And I document it all. Every cry, every coo, every grimace and sometimes smile, every suckle, every curled toe and splayed finger and unfocused gaze on mom. There is no one moment that is more spectacular than another. Every second is photo-worthy. And that is precisely what I love about birth photography. Award winning and published birth photographer Leilani Rogers has been featured on television and in print all over the world. She has been a keynote speaker at numerous photography conferences, and has held the title of Best Birth Photographer in the city of Austin since 2013. Leilani strives to push the boundaries that define birth photography with her online platform Birthbound Photographer, a collection of classes that focus on the art and business of this craft. Leilani is also the founder of the world renowned Public Breastfeeding Awareness Project(PBAP), an initiative to normalize public breastfeeding which includes over 60 photographers from around the globe.
More Information
Danna Stumberg
2014 IAPBP Winner / Photographer
Danna Stumberg is an award winning and internationally published birth photographer. She is a military veteran, having served five years as a photo journalist in the United States Navy.
As a current military spouse, she loves traveling all over the world, capturing its beauty through her lens, however, her greatest passion remains birth photography.
More Information
stumbergphotography.comFacebook page
Marijke Thoen
2016 & 2018 IAPBP Winner / Photographer
Marijke Thoen is a professional birth photographer based in Belgium. In doubt at the age of 18 whether to study midwifery or photography, she chose the latter and started her professional photography business soon after. A few years later, she found the perfect way to blend both her passions: she specialized in the field of birth photography.
Both in 2016 and 2018 Marijke won the IAPBP Image of the Year Competition and got published in numerous magazines and websites all over the world. Marijke is the founder and owner of and a co-founder of, the official association of professional birth photographers in Belgium and The Netherlands, which offers a platform and information for parents, photographers and medical staff. Through her work, Marijke wants to show the illusion of separation between mother and child at birth. Even though the delivery marks their physical separation, she believes a much deeper connection is established almost immediately afterwards. It is that magical moment of connecting on a deeper level that takes your breath away time and time again .. Being a mother to two wonderful children herself, she believes each and every child she has photographed at birth will - one day - look at those pictures and feel how much they are loved.
More Information
www.marijkethoen.beFacebook pageInstagram page
Jan Tritten
Editor-in-chief - Midwifery Today
Jan is the founder, mother and editor-in-chief of Midwifery Today magazine and a midwife who was in active practice from 1977–1989.
She became a midwife in 1977 after the powerful homebirth of one of her daughters. Her mission is to make loving midwifery care the norm for birthing women and their babies throughout the world. She does this by organizing Midwifery Today conferences around world as well as publishing the magazine. One of her favorite tasks is to look at photos of mothers and babies and births so she is honored to participate in this contest.
More Information
Natalia Walth
2016 IAPBP Winner / Photographer
Natalia has been a birth photographer & videographer for seven years. Prior to starting her business, she was an Air Force Reservist in her "spare time" while simultaneously working for a busy law firm in Los Angeles, CA.
She is a mother of three girls (one in heaven) and a wife to her God-fearing husband who supplies her caffeine addiction and adds to her laugh lines. Their dream is to travel the U.S. in an Airstream, but she quickly remembers that they have a 100 pound German Shepherd who whines too much.
More Information
Robin Baker
2016 IAPBP Winner / Photographer
Robin Baker of Birth Blessings Photography and Doula Services servicing Escondido, California. Robin is an IAPBP Image Competition winner from 2016.
Katie Mathis
2017 IAPBP Winner / Photographer
Katie Mathis is a Nashville, Tennessee based photographer. Katie is an IAPBP Image Competition winner from 2017.

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Plus more names being announced soon!